Understanding Online Store Performance

Drive up revenue and elevate your online business with premium insights and analytics - all built-in into a single platform. Track store performance and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Track the critical metrics and have a complete view of your business

Check crucial analytics from any location, on any device, and stay up-to-date on store performance with seamless analytics tools for your online store. Introducing Ucraft Analytics - your best guide to increasing your store’s performance.

Define Business Impact


Track fluctuations in direct traffic filtered by location, traffic source, and device type. Access direct, organic, paid, referral, social, and email traffic in a matter of seconds.


Track fluctuations in profit filtered by location, traffic source, and device type. View total profits, transactions, conversion rates, average profit per visitor, average shipping costs, and order value.

audience analytics

Demographics: Who Are Your Customers?


Define who your customers are. View how often they visit your store, whether they are new or returning buyers, what devices they use, and which locations they are viewing your store from. Make informed decisions about how to appeal to local and global audiences based on real-time reporting and analytics.

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User Behavior: How Do Your Customers Buy?


Successfully analyze user behavior with accurate data regarding page views (broken down by location), traffic overviews, device types, and more. Analyze data like bounce rates, average time on page, and session duration in just a couple of clicks.


Track key metrics such as total sales and abandoned cart rates for any specific period. Check comprehensive overviews of recent orders and filter out key stats.

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