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Get your early bird access to Ucraft Next

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Get your early bird access to Ucraft Next

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Get your early bird access to Ucraft Next

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Get your early bird access to Ucraft Next

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Create and design your website in minutes with our code-free Visual Editor and AI Design Bot

Superior Features

Everything you need to build a world-class online store is a click, drag or drop away. We keep it pixel perfect yet amazingly simple.

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create a pixel perfect website with Ucraft Next

Pixel Perfect

Build a flawless shopping experience for your customers with just a few simple tools. Ucraft Next equips you with everything you need to achieve perfection - including an extensive menu of styles, layouts, colors, fonts, and eye-catching visuals.

drag and drop ecommerce website-Ucraft Next

Drag & Drop

New to eCommerce? No experience in coding? No problem. Our website builder comes with a drag and drop feature that allows you to move things freely and instantly. Create a spectacular online store with minimal effort.

responsive design-Ucraft Next

Responsive Design

Every shopper deserves an optimal experience, regardless of the device. Ucraft Next makes it possible with our Breakpoint feature, which seamlessly adjusts the width of your content to fit multiple devices. Discover the appeal of responsive design.

product variation by Ucraft Next

Media Center

With the right visuals and materials, telling a brand’s story becomes accessible to all. Ucraft Next’s Media Center helps you streamline the website building process by choosing from a wide selection of free stock content and uploaded original material.

customized visibility feature by Ucraft Next

Customized Visibility

Multiple browsers? Operating systems? Languages? Accommodate them all using only one version of your website. Ucraft’s Visibility feature allows you to create incredible widget experiences tailored for every single visitor.

Design System

Design your eCommerce store like a pro. Ucraft Next’s Design System elevates your skills by automatically pulling together complementary typography, colors, UI elements and presets. Once selected, your preferred design scheme synchronizes across all pages. Welcome to effortless website building.

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UI elements-Ucraft Next

UI Elements

Create a seamless look across your online store with buttons, icons, sliders, galleries, forms, navigation widgets and other components that create a dynamic user experience.

typography by Ucraft Next


Is your brand casual? Irreverent? Eco-friendly? Our Typography feature lets you add the right personality to your ecommerce website with the right mix of fonts, sizes, styles and colors. Select your style in one location. The Typography feature ensures that it stays consistent … across every single page.

color combination by Ucraft Next


Convey the message of your brand through a global palette of complementary colors. It’s easy to review Ucraft Next’s preset color swatches in the Colors selection tool. Once selected, your preferred color palette is instantaneously updated throughout your website for an irresistible presentation.

presets by Ucraft Next


Managing a cohesive design across your eCommerce store couldn’t get any simpler. Ucraft Next’s Presets keep your selected design themes — colors, typography, and UI elements — intact and consistent. It also allows for flexible options within the same layout. Explore the design possibilities and convenience of Presets.


Simplify the website building process with Ucraft Next’s Collections management tool. It stores and keeps your content within easy reach — minimizing complications while working on your project.

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create collections with Ucraft Next

Create Your Collections

Organize your content by groups, such as blog posts, team members, clients, and product types, to form different collections that can be easily edited without ever affecting your design.

blocks and pages-Ucraft Next

Pages & Blocks

Designed a stunning page? Or a block of content? Why recreate perfection? Ucraft allows you to save your design and reuse it on other projects.

customized widgets by Ucraft Next


Keep your visitors engaged throughout your eCommerce store with inviting, dynamic widgets. Choose from a variety of buttons, forms, sliders, galleries and more. Simply drag and drop your selected widgets to power up your website’s performance.