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Ucraft Next

An intelligent eCommerce solution

Ucraft Next was designed to help you get your business up and running faster so that you can take your brand further.
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What is

Ucraft Next?⚡️

Ucraft Next is the newest version of our website builder, designed with a brand-new technology stack tailored to suit the current industry demands.

From effortless store management to powerful design tools, Ucraft Next provides all the features necessary for exceptional online store creation.

Let your website design itself

Intuitive Software and Powerful AI 🦊

Our platform is powered by intuitive software and intelligent AI technology. With Ucraft Next, you don’t need to worry about designing your store from scratch, searching for important features, and spending hours creating your website - Ucraft will do it for you!

Everything you need is right here

Key Tools at Your Fingertips

Visual editor

Customize your website to perfection using the visual editor and ensure every block is pixel-perfect.

Powerful CMS

Make changes to your website content and edit text without altering your design.

Marketing & analytics tools

Optimize store performance and track success through cutting-edge integrations.

Designer tools

Implement global design changes and customize

website elements in a couple of clicks.

Custom breakpoints

Design your online store and customize your interface for various screen sizes and devices.


Group items based on type and implement site-wide changes in a single click.

Sell anything, anywhere

Your Store, Your Choice 🛒

Physical & digital goods

Build your site and start selling physical products, digital goods, giftcards and subscriptions.

Comprehensive dashboard

Manage your store, change settings and monitor performance through a single dashboard.

Checkout customization

Customize your checkout page to provide your customers with a solid personalized experience.

Product families

Group products into families by attributes and

manage them through a single interface.

Omnichannel &

multichannel selling

Sync your product catalogue with multiple selling channels like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Amazon, and others.

Merchant app

Manage your online store on the go and keep your business moving through the Merchant App.

Adaptive Design

Create and design websites according to your vision with our unique design solution and AI software. Build a website in desktop mode, and Ucraft Next will resize it for mobile and tablet screens. No need to create multiple versions - our templates will automatically adapt to suit your needs and parameters.

Store building can be a team effort

Manage Your Store as a Team

With Ucraft Next, you can invite your team members to collaborate with you on your store. Allocate permissions and assign roles so you can make changes together in real time.

Available on both iOS and Android

Turn Your Online Store Into an App

Thanks to our Custom Progressive Web App Solution, you’re just a few minutes away from generating the app version of your online store or platform.

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What to expect

What's Included in

the Beta Version? 📝

While Ucraft Next will include all of the features noted above, the beta version includes the following features:

📉 Project dashboard
✂️ Visual editor & designer tools
🖌 Customizable checkout
📝 Ucraft-native CMS
🛒 eCommerce solution
💳 Popular payment & shipping options

This is Only

the Beginning 🚀

Try Ucraft Next →
Ucraft Next is currently available to the market as a beta version for use and testing. The full, final version of Ucraft Next is in the works and will be launched further during the year.

The new platform will include all of the features necessary to make it the most powerful, efficient, and merchant-friendly platform on the market today.

Stay tuned for further updates!