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Ucraft Next allows businesses and individual entrepreneurs to establish their online presence, sell physical and digital goods, service subscriptions, and gift cards - all through the power of AI, intuitive navigation, and new-age features.
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What is Ucraft Next?

Ucraft Next is the newest version of our website builder, designed with a brand-new technology stack tailored to suit the current industry demands.

From effortless store management to powerful design tools, Ucraft Next provides all the features necessary for exceptional online store creation.

Build Your Store Through the Power of AI

Our platform is powered by intuitive software and intelligent AI technology. With Ucraft Next, you don’t need to worry about designing your store from scratch, searching for important features, and spending hours creating your website design and content - Ucraft will do it for you!
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With Ucraft Next, selling opportunities are endless. Sell physical products, digital goods, subscription packages, and e-gift cards. Target customers all across the globe and entice them with top-quality service.
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Key Tools at Your Fingertips


Achieve pixel-perfect design without entering a single line of code. Our AI design bot and responsive templates will help you save time and resources by fully taking on the design aspect of your online store.

Powerful CMS

Make changes to your website content and edit text without altering your design.

Marketing & analytics tools

Make the most of our unparalleled analytics tools to track store performance, customer behavior, and much more - all through a single interface.

Design System

Ucraft Next’s Design System elevates your skills by automatically pulling together complementary typography, colors, UI elements and presets. Once selected, your preferred design scheme synchronizes across all pages.

Custom breakpoints

Design your online store and customize your interface for various screen sizes and devices.

App store

Add more features and functionality to your online store with app extensions from trusted Ucraft partners.

eCommerce website templates built for you

Combine your online store’s functionality with your business goals. Whether you want to sell internationally, localize your store, or expand to social networks and online marketplace selling, you’re in control.

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Check out the best Ucraft Next shops and see how businesses are using their products and services to express their brand, mission and vision for the future.

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